Hi, my name is Tobias
I’m a self-taught web developer who loves React, the Jamstack and serverless architectures. I'm building web applications for the cloud.

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About Me

Software development is a passion I discovered for myself only a few years ago, but since then I have pursued it with enthusiasm, which has enabled me to switch careers in less than 2 years.

Self-learning and building my own ideas as code on countless evenings and weekends are the driving force behind this fast-paced journey. And I have no intention to slow down.

The journey continuous.


Personal Website for Britta Daffner

Britta is a coach for personal growth and book author about digitalization

Jamstack site based on Gatsby.js as Static Site Generator and Prismic as Headless CMS. Material UI Kit Pro as Design and Component System

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Tutorial - Test Azure Functions with Jest

Provides an example how to configure and test Azure serverless functions with Jest

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